2021 schedule


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About The Show:

Orlando's own Ted Torres stars in "EP LIVE" a show that takes you
back to 1970's when Elvis was like no other on stage,
delivering electric performances and breaking records everyday.
To open the show we have a special guests  World Champion Cote Deonath will open
the show with two special performances. Join us for the kick-off of
this year’s festival!


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About The Show:

Hollywood! The name invokes images of glamorous lifestyles and
bright lights. Elvis Presley had a connection to California. Not only
did he star in 31 films, he also performed various concerts
throughout his career there. Two of your  Elvis Champions
bring to you a show you won't wanna miss. Dwight Icenhower and Ted Torres!


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About The Show:

Join us Friday night with two
of the Next Generation as they bring you a show only they can,
filled with multiple costume changes and high energy that will
leave you guessing what comes next. A Night With Elvis will cover
the entire career of the King, explaining not only the legend but
the man as well. 2019 Ultimate Elvis Champion Taylor Rodriguez &
World Champion Cote Deonath bring you all the eras of the King in
one show!


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About The Show:

Join us Saturday afternoon as we present the newest show to our lineup! Featuring 2009 Ultimate Elvis Champion Bill Cherry & Grand Champion Austin Irby! Joining the Headlining cast of this years festival!!! Taking you to Presley's breakout year in 1956 all the way to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas!!!


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About The Show:

The first half of the Saturday night headliner show stars Grand
Champion Alex Mitchell with his first headlining performance. He
will take you back to the Vegas years of the King, 1970 - 1975.
Mitchell will showcase all of the hits from that time span. "On
Stage - EP in Las Vegas" will be a huge kick-off to the final show of
the weekend. Don't miss out and buy your tickets now!

Ultimate Elvis Champion Dean Z brings to you a one-of-a-kindshow in "ELVIS A TO Z." This show brings a high paced, electric,and charismatic performance to Orlando you won't wanna miss.Dean Z will perform all of your favorite hits such as "Polk SaladAnnie," "Don’t,” "Way Down" and many more. All of Elvis' songs ina way you've never seen before and a grand finale with all sevenElvis Tribute Artists!