2022 Schedule


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About The Show:

Orlando's own Ted Torres stars in "EP LIVE" a show that takes you
back to 1970's when Elvis was like no other on stage,
delivering electric performances and breaking records everyday.
To open the show we have a special guests  World Champion Cote Deonath will open
the show with two special performances. Join us for the kick-off of
this year’s festival!


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About The Show:

Hollywood! The name invokes images of glamorous lifestyles and
bright lights. Elvis Presley had a connection to California. Not only
did he star in 31 films, he also performed various concerts
throughout his career there. Two of your  Elvis Champions
bring to you a show you won't wanna miss. Dwight Icenhower and Ted Torres!


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About The Show:

Join us Friday night with two
of the Next Generation as they bring you a show only they can,
filled with multiple costume changes and high energy that will
leave you guessing what comes next. A Night With Elvis will cover
the entire career of the King, explaining not only the legend but
the man as well. 2019 Ultimate Elvis Champion Taylor Rodriguez &
World Champion Cote Deonath bring you all the eras of the King in
one show!